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[September 22nd - 24th]

[Locked to BioShock Infinitely Guilty House]

[Just by looking at the network, anyone would be able to tell that the anomalies in Luceti are coming faster and are starting to affect residents in stranger ways. Somehow, Elizabeth, Gai, Booker, Robert, and Rosalind's house has escaped unscathed. Until now.]

[One quiet, lazy morning, Elizabeth wakes up her husband by wrapping her arms around him from behind. Only as far as she's concerned, they aren't married. Very close, yes, she sings nearly every song he writes-- sometimes even the ones he doesn't write for her to sing. But more importantly, there are some serious-looking crystals growing from her severed pinky all the way up to her shoulder.]

Good morning, darling~

((OOC: If anyone wants to spot Elizabeth running around town with a half-crystalized arm and way longer hair, FEEL FREE. 8Db She'll be at her AU-self's usual haunts: Good Spirits, the library, and doing various gunbattle simulations in the Battle Dome.))

[September 25th - 28th]

[Locked to BioShock Infinitely Guilty House]

[Nobody gets a break. On the morning of the 25th, Elizabeth isn't in her bed. Though there's some smears of blood left on her pillow. She's standing in Booker's room, watching him sleep almost as though she can't believe he's there. She's absolutely still, as though saying something would break the illusion.]

[Wherever she's come from, she looks like she's been through hell. Blood all down one side of her face, bruising and blood at the inner corner of her left eye, her clothes have been practically shredded. Standing and watching Booker looking like this probably isn't the best plan, but...]


[The last time this version of Elizabeth had been in Luceti, there was definitely more firm purpose to her step. This time, after cleaning herself up, Elizabeth wanders around the village as though she barely recognizes where she is. Or she's in awe of it. Or afraid that it's going to suddenly start storming and the entire village is going to catch fire. Over and over again, she bends and pulls at her fully-formed pinky. Maybe she shouldn't be making excursions into the village like this, but... it would no doubt be the last time she saw it.]

[Audio - Locked to Eleanor]

I'm sorry Eleanor, I need to talk to you one more time.
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[Voice - Locked from Gai]

What do you do when you feel nervous about something you really know you shouldn't be nervous about? How do you... convince yourself that there's nothing to be worried over?

...Life changes, all the time. We all have stages in our lives, and some pass quicker than others. Mine... well, my stages of life seem to have all been compressed into two years. But, honestly, like everyone else here I don't know when I might be pulled away. I don't know what's waiting for me on the other side either, so it makes sense to do everything I want to while I still have a chance.

But what 'makes sense' isn't getting through my thick skull. If it was, I wouldn't be talking at everyone.


[After her post to the network, Elizabeth rearranges wedding things one more time, then goes to the grocery. She walks back through the village with nothing but a carton of caramel-swirl chocolate ice cream (with graham cracker bits).]

[Later that night, she sits on her kitchen floor and eats it in the dark. Just her, the carton, and a spoon.]
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[The feed starts with Elizabeth still trying to figure out how to get both Gai and her in the frame. She shifts to her right and laughs when it doesn't really help.]

Oh, this is why I never use this function! You don't have to dance around like this to record sound.

Don't worry, that's still a problem with cameras in my era. Even having a zoom button doesn't help that much.

A--? [She sighs and shakes her head. He'll explain what a zoom button is after they're done.] Nevermind, it's recording and I'm not getting to the point.

Good morning Luceti! Ah, six months back, Gai knelt down in the snow and asked me to marry him. And I said yes, just so he would get out of the snow, obviously. [Elizabeth giggles and shoulders Gai a little.]

[Gai smirks, tossing his hair.] The things I'm willing to endure for the sake of love. Truly a great sacrifice.

You do suffer so. [She gives the camera a look.] But we're finally having a ceremony to go with the great sacrifice his pants endured. On July 30th. And even though our ceremony is going to be small-- [Elizabeth looks back at Gai and nods, clearly this was something they talked about] --we'd like to welcome everyone to the reception, on the beach, after sunset.

[He nods in return.] But if you're just showing up for the alcohol, you're going to be disappointed.

[Elizabeth frowns slightly.] Are we not having alcohol?

Not in unlimited quantities. [Booker, the Luteces, and unlimited alcohol. This is not something he wants to see.]

Oh... yes, very true. [Truth be told, she isn't sure she wants to see everyone completely smashed and littered all over the beach.] Guess that means come early or stay sober. [She grins.]

[Gai lets out a soft laugh and slips his arm around her, letting himself be a little more openly affectionate than he usually is. It's a wedding announcement, he is totally allowed, okay.]

[Yes, he is completely allowed, and Elizabeth rather enjoys the mild public display of affection. She smiles warmly up at him, then realizes a few awkward seconds in that the network is essentially watching them cuddle. The entire Luceti network. Which includes Booker. That has her reaching for the button to end the feed.]

((OOC: Questions/comments? Specify in header if you'd like Elizabeth, Gai, or both! :3))


[And of course, now that Elizabeth has been bitten by the proverbial marriage bug, she's running around town trying to make decisions surrounding the reception. Food-wise, decor-wise, she's just going to load herself up and bring things back to Gai to see what he thinks. She's stopping at the grocery store, at Good Spirits to get advice on alcohol, and finally she starts sifting through what's in the Item Shop to see if there's anything she's looking for-- mainly, little electric lights.]

[She thinks she sees a plug behind a large bag, and she pulls it out of the way with some effort. Behind the large bag is a bag of golf clubs.]

[Elizabeth tenses as disjointed, meaningless images superimpose themselves across her vision. She feels her shoulder hit a nearby cabinet as she sways on her feet. Once it's over, she's left panting as though she's sprinted a hundred yards. What in the world...?]
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[Forward Dated - April 20th]


[The structure burned.]

[Elizabeth watched it with an air of simple philosophy. It had only taken one little spark, and the whole forest-based waystation for the sheltering of New Feathers lost in the woods had gone up. The bedding, the supplies, the spare clothes, everything. From one little flame.]

[Just as she was one little flame. One little flame that would baptise the world-- every world-- in fire. Beginning with this one. She would burn it all to the ground if it meant being more trouble than she was worth, she would burn it to the ground if it meant snuffing out the foolish things her better-off had grown to cherish.]

[Disappointment, and pain, and despair. These would be the things that would make her live up to her true potential, turn her into her father's daughter. And it would only start when she left.]

[She walked away from the blaze, breathing and feeling the sheer amount of power that was ripping through her shoulders and arms. The siphon was a kind of leash, put on her by her father, never removed for fear that she would find herself just as obedient as when it had been on. Her fears were realized. Tears extended glad, welcoming arms to her, nearly opened right as she passed them they were so eager, but she didn't reach back. She did not believe in Lutece, she only believed in the word of the Prophet-- science had cured her.]

[But apparently, that science had not followed her to Luceti. And she was older, and stronger, than her younger self. Whatever the Malnosso had in place, it only held her back so much. It was possible to use her power... and it might also be necessary. She was alone, and she only feared dying before her work was done, losing the memory of what she had to accomplish. She extended a trembling hand, and opened one-- an abandoned, bloody crossbow for her troubles, and only a twinge of pain and a moderate increase in heart rate. She shouldered it and pressed on, to the item shop where she might arm herself for the coming night.]

[When darkness falls, Elizabeth walks out of the forest, pushing a strange device. The thing protests when she tries to start it up, and Elizabeth realizes with some trepidation that whatever she's pulled out of the tear, it doesn't have an endless amount of fuel in it. It'll be no more useful than scrap once it does.]

[But it starts, and Elizabeth climbs in and takes off, hovering just above the various community buildings. Despite the recent upheaval, it seems quiet. The silence is like nails on a chalkboard, Elizabeth can almost imagine what deplorable things are happening in the homes below. What dreams are being dreamt, what happiness is being lived in complete naivete.]

[In the dark, she sees the roof of the house she had allowed Booker and the Luteces to live in while she hid herself away. Every day Dewitt lived was another day Elizabeth grit her teeth and prayed for patience, every day he attempted to reach out to her, every moment she saw him drinking to forget how he had abandoned her. No more.]

[Elizabeth picked up a bottle, lit the rag on the end, and dropped it over the side of her transport, aiming for the roof of that quiet little house.]


((OOC: Elizabeth has been AU'd to a version of herself who was left to be broken by Comstock. She has quite an arsenal of improvised weaponry, as well as a few tear and vigor-related tricks up her sleeve, but she'll be dropping incendiary things in a line straight through the village-- obviously, no unwanted property damage will occur. But anybody who wants some damage/wants to face off with a superpowered maniac with daddy issues, who pretty much thinks you're a filthy sinner, COME AT HER, BRO! Only stipulation is she's finally going to be stopped by Gai, but if she's not a match for your character she'll turn tail and retreat.))

((Replies will come from [personal profile] godspeedthyjudgement!))
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[Action] - Locked to Infinite + Gai

[The morning of April 9th brings excitement to House 36. Elizabeth wakes up, feeling maybe a little heavier than she usually does, but after a quick mental assessment brushes it off as nothing more than a desire to stay warm in bed, next to Gai.]

[She pulls brown hair out of her face to check the clock. Well, 8:36AM, it's probably time to get up and make some coffee for the house. A good minute is spent debating rolling over onto Gai and going back to sleep (interspersed with wondering how she got so twisted up in her nightgown--it feels like it's choking her now).]

[In the end, chores win out, but Elizabeth isn't going to completely deny herself. She stretches up and nuzzles up under Gai's jaw and kisses him there.]

Good morn--

[That was significantly lower than her voice usually is.]

[After that bit of fun, Elizabeth comes stumbling awkwardly out of her room--there's a man in Elizabeth's nightgown standing in the hallway and looking horrified.]


[Booker must never know. Which is clearly why she's screaming for Robert in the middle of the hall. But what could she do? The last thing she needed was Rosalind's thoughts on how to be a man, Booker would probably take one look at her and start drinking.]


[The feed starts up, and at least Elizabeth is no longer in a nightgown, but she looks just as panicked.]

No, this isn't a mistake in your journal, it's really me-- [She brings her thimble-covered pinky into the frame and rotates it.] --Elizabeth! But I'm-- I'm a man now!

[Blunt and to the point. She's too freaked out to dance around the problem and break it delicately though.] What do I do?! I don't know how to be a man, I've spent twenty one years being a woman!

[And the best way to learn how to function as a male is to ask the network. Good job, Elizabeth.]

((OOC: All replies will be coming from [personal profile] tearmeadudeone!))
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Has anyone seen Booker DeWitt? Tall, sandy hair, typically frowning, has 'AD' on his hand? He's at Good Spirits usually, but I haven't seen him there in the past few days...

[She's been looking, too. Ever since that strange hole in everyone's memory, the destroyed wall in her bedroom, and Booker doing a disappearing act, she's felt very uneasy about his being missing. But all of his things were still in the house, so he couldn't have gone far...]

If anyone sees him, would you let him know that I'm-- that Elizabeth is waiting for him to come home?


[In the mean time, there's a giant hole in her bedroom wall, and her bedroom is, of course, a disaster area. It's a little unnerving, truth be told, to not remember where so much damage came from, but she's trying to focus on Booker instead of her own memory. She's trying to distract herself with cleaning--moving chunks of wall out onto the grass outside, shaking out her bedding, attempting to put a curtain over the giant hole until it gets fixed...]
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[Elizabeth is joining the ranks of those overwhelmed by the sudden influx of people in Luceti. Really, the crowds are starting to make her feel very nervous as someone used to more open spaces and limited interaction during her errands. What's worse, her puppy Nemo keeps trying to sniff at strangers, so Elizabeth keeps apologizing as she tries to navigate to the grocery store and back.]


I'm sure everybody's noticed that there are tons more people in Luceti than there used to be-- what's going on? Are there even enough apartments for everyone?



[And conversely, Vastra is completely unsurprised by what's happening. Typical Luceti, after all. It's an extremely eclectic mix of people at least, and Vastra is happy to see that. Still, it does make walking around a little difficult, and ever since the Edmundo Incident she can't feel 100% comfortable just walking around unarmed. So she has her sword prominently displayed on her back when she moves around the village and observes the crowds and interactions amongst the newcomers.]
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[Action - Backdated to the 18th]

[It had been an emotionally charged week for Elizabeth, but in the end she was grateful for it. She had the opportunity to see old friends, be honest with Booker and Rosalind and Robert, and see Gai one last time. It was strange, she felt almost at peace about returning and continuing on the path she knew she had to walk. When her younger self was returned, she would be happy in Elizabeth's stead, and safe from the unraveling that was about to occur.]

[After writing a few notes, Elizabeth methodically removes her more modern-looking clothes and changes into one of the many outfits hanging in her closet. Heavy winter jacket for the chill, gloves, scarf, boots... And she removes her makeup and brushes the curl out of her hair. For all intents and purposes, aside from a distinctly cold cast to her gaze, she looks like she always did in Luceti.]

[She contemplates saying goodbye in person, but there isn't time. She didn't want a scene, and if the effects of the experiment were reversed when she was in the middle of crying on Booker's shoulder, things would be hard to explain. So she leaves the house quietly and walks into the forest. She walks a good distance in, then sits down to wait. Her eyes drift shut and she appears to fall asleep against a tree trunk...]

[A few hours later, Elizabeth comes stumbling out of the forest, half-frozen and looking confused and scared. The last thing she remembers is being kidnapped by droids, and now she's freezing to death in a forest and she can't remember anything between now and then. She hurries through the village, repeatedly blowing into her hands to try and warm them as she heads home. Everyone must have been worried sick about her.]


I looked back at my journal, and I realized that my fight with the droids was recorded. I'm sorry, that must have been a real shock for some of you.

But I'm back now--I don't remember what happened, but I think I have all of my limbs attached where they're supposed to go and as far as I can tell there's nothing strange about my behavior (though let me know if there is something I'm not seeing, of course...).

I don't know, do people sometimes come back from being kidnapped without anything strange having happened to them?
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[Action - Wednesday Night]

[It's been a few days since Elizabeth was kidnapped by the Malnosso, but like most subjects Elizabeth returns looking more or less whole and unruffled.]

[She comes back looking a little different, too.]

[The first and most apparent thing is her clothing. Whereas Elizabeth used to do her errands in a long, flared skirt and modestly-fit blouse, there's a whole lot more va-va-voom to her now. She's wearing makeup, heels, and someone has very clearly discovered the wonders of the brassiere.]

[But to those who know her, the change is more drastic in her eyes and expression. As she walks through the dark trees and village, her eyes stay straight ahead and fiercely focused. Her expression is cold, closed off, business-like instead of her usual open smile. And she moves with purpose instead of a curious and slow wander, and only casts her eyes around to double check that she's going the right way. There's no confusion or hesitation, she knows exactly where she is.]

[Action - Locked to Infinite Crew]

[Eventually, she makes it through the village and arrives at her house. At first, she almost moves to knock. Fist hovering, she reminds herself, forcibly, that this is still her house. She walks in and looks around the living room for any sign of Robert or Rosalind. ...or him.]

[Suddenly, Elizabeth feels blind. This must have been what Robert and Rosalind had felt like when they had first arrived in Luceti--completely and utterly blind. If she could just see everything one more time, she would know where he had come from. But she had never known before, and so she doesn't know now. Everything told her that he was Booker DeWitt, but that name belonged to too many for her to know, truly, which one he was.]

Robert, Rosalind-- I'm home!

[Voice - Thursday morning]

I've been going back through my journal, and I realized that my kidnapping was actually filmed. So in case anyone was concerned about me, I'm back in Luceti. Not too worse-for-wear.

Eleanor-- can we talk?

[Action - Thursday]

[During the day, Elizabeth can be seen wandering around Luceti and looking at all the various buildings with some strange sense of nostalgia. She acts almost like an older woman coming back to her hometown, and marveling at how much things have changed. She never looks lost or confused, but reminiscent and sometimes sad. She visits the Library, where she stands in some aisles just running her fingers over the books. Then Good Spirits, where she hovers around the bar waiting for a certain table to be free. And in the meantime, she packs away a few drinks like it's nothing. Then she goes to the Battle Dome, where she navigates to a few of her saved simulations--mainly Paris--and just stands in them for minutes on end. She works a new one, almost casually, of dozens and dozens of lighthouses connected by miles of boardwalk. She walks along them and talks to herself, quietly, as though trying to explain something to air.]

[Action - Friday - Locked to Gai]

[It hadn't surprised Elizabeth to hear that Gai had shipped off to go fight the day after she'd left. It was who he was when she wasn't around, after all. It had probably been an awful shock to him to see the video, too. Her poor darling.]

[She wasn't worried, just anxious for him to return. And strangely well-informed of when that is... When Gai returns to his apartment, not only is the door unlocked, but there's a pair of high heeled shoes on the floor, simply stepped out of and abandoned, and a skirt and blouse tossed in the direction of the coffee table.]

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[When the video starts up, it’s very clear that the recording is accidental and loud--there's a strange whooshing noise that has a mechanical drone to it, and the image of Elizabeth, just outside the library surrounded by odd glowing airstreams, is on its side and at a sharp upward angle, the strap of her bag obscuring a bit of it.]

[Which is fairly alarming in itself. Arcs of light seem to be coming from speaker-shaped instruments attached to the droids surrounding her. Anti-tear measures, to make certain she can’t fight back--perhaps because her boyfriend had already given them too much trouble. Elizabeth clutches her head and screams, trying to run despite feeling as though her head is about to explode. She puts up a fight, kicks and flails, but eventually there's too much to defend against while suffering the dizzying siphon. The droids overpower her and she’s pulled out of the frame and away. Seconds of that strange mechanical drone continue over the feed, then once it’s faded, the video cuts.]
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[Voice – Early, Early Morning of December 1st]

Has anyone here ever had a dream that was prophetic? I know that most dreams are a product of our subconscious thoughts, but… I had a dream and I know I couldn’t possibly have been thinking any of the things that were in it. Not even subconsciously.

I thought that maybe this could be an experiment of some kind. [Read: ‘I’m hoping this was an experiment of some kind.’]
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[This is a post for Gai ([personal profile] voidseeing) and Elizabeth at [community profile] luceti--because Luna and I kill comment pages in the dead of night.]

[Will no doubt contain NSFW material, reader beware!]
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Good morning, Luceti! I'm twenty-one today!

[And clearly, she's just a little font of joy because of it.]

This is the first birthday I've had outside of my tower at home. I know Eugene had a rave, but what has everyone else done for their birthdays while they've been here? Or, I suppose if you haven't had a birthday here, what did you typically do?


[Elizabeth doesn't take the day off, even though it's her birthday. She's happy being out and about, enjoying the day and being in the village. She goes to the grocery store, pokes around the item shop and clothing shop a little, picks up some of Booker's preferred whiskey at Good Spirits... she's even running errands she really doesn't have to run. And while she loves the library, today she chooses to read for a bit outdoors--because otherwise she'd spend all day inside. It's a good day to be alive, and that's how Elizabeth is viewing it, and she's going to spend it out in the world. For the first time.]
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[Backdated to Event End...]


I think that was, maybe, the most haphazard experiment I've been here during. I can't even make a speculation at what the purpose of it was aside from confuse us all.

But I suppose I did meet quite a few people, so perhaps inadvertently its purpose was to remind me of that time when I thought life was much simpler. [That time when she thought no one would ever hurt her, and everything in life was new and beautiful.] And I suppose it gave me my hair back. It's as long as it was before I cut it, now. It's nice, I suppose, but does anyone here give haircuts...?

[Private to Gai - Columbia-Sponsored Unhackable]

How are you feeling? I only grazed you with the lamp, didn't I...? [UNSURE TONE IS UNSURE...]
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[It's been over a week since the mission ended, but Elizabeth has been watching over Gai like a hawk anyway. The virus had really done a number on him this time, apparently. Even though she lived with Booker, Robert, and now Rosalind in their, admittedly, much more spacious house, she'd still kept Gai resting and recuperating in her own room. Maybe it was rude, but she wasn't bothering anybody... right?]

[Friday morning, she comes back into her room to see if Gai is awake yet (it was still her house, and so she still slept in a separate room--for Booker and Robert, and honestly for Gai's sake too), and she's surprised to see the bed is empty and made. His clothes are gone too. She sighs and puts her hands on her hips. The least he could have done was tell her he was doing better and was going back to his apartment...]

[Still, she worries. Maybe Booker or Robert had said something to him and he'd packed up and left before he was ready to move again. Elizabeth gets dressed quickly and says she's going to get groceries--but she heads in the opposite direction to make certain Gai made it to his apartment alright.]

[When she gets there, she lets herself in the way she always does--by picking the lock on the door. But once it's open, she does announce that it's her and she's coming in because apparently someone couldn't be bothered to leave a note at least.]

[Gai's apartment was never the most decorated place... but Elizabeth immediately notices some things are missing. And when she goes into the bedroom it's even more apparent. She goes back to the door and checks the number, but it's definitely his apartment. Had he moved without telling her? Was everything just stuffed into the closet for some reason?]

[No... there's a chemise in one of the drawers, ripped right up the center. Elizabeth knows he wouldn't have left without taking it. Not voluntarily.]

[She sits down hard on the floor, staring at the destroyed garment in mute shock. There are tears, eventually, and she can't think any other thought besides 'Why didn't you just say yes?']


[An hour or so later, Elizabeth feels as though she couldn't possibly cry again for at least another thirty minutes, she's so spent. So it's best to get it out now, before the message becomes garbled and emotional.]

Gai Tsutsugami... has been taken back to his world.

[And considering he had admitted to dying before arriving in Luceti, she can't even think about what that means.]
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I've-- Oh, wait. Hello Luceti! [Right, she can't just start talking like you do with Voxophones.]

I've recently, this past New Feather cycle, brought two more people into my apartment. Up until now I haven't been... cooking, exactly. [She's been eating whatever she can get ready-made, namely.] Does anyone have any... somewhat simple cooking recipes for two adult men and one slightly smaller girl?

And can someone explain to me how to work the oven...?


[Later in the day, Elizabeth ventures out to the grocery store to pick up things for her first cooking adventure! Though it's a trial, even at the store. Elizabeth keeps looking between different things and consulting her journal and looking back at the shelves... and frowning. Because this is all extremely complicated. No wonder this was done for her every day... This would probably take her weeks to figure out.]
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“Booker? Booker?!

Elizabeth could almost still smell the sulfur and fire, and feel the heat coming from Monument Island. It had felt, for a moment, like the world was being pressed and burned into her bones, swelling up against her ribcage and expelling itself in the form of a brilliant, blinding light that enveloped her, Booker, and Songbird. That was what she'd seen, she was almost certain of it.

But instead of her jailer and her strange fellow convict, Elizabeth was brought out of the sky and out of the clouds and light and into cool water. Not that she'd never ended up in water before, but it was very disorienting. She thrashed and doggy-paddled to the edge of the lake, realizing that if Booker had been anywhere nearby, he would have answered her.

The silence was lonely, and familiar. She didn't like it at all. Even the sounds of gunfire would have been welcome as opposed to the sound of her struggling to slosh out of the lake and onto the shore. Everything seemed to echo, even the drips coming off of the plain dress she had somehow ended up in. New place, new clothes, wings on her back... Elizabeth reached out awkwardly and touched them, drawing a hand back in dismay and shock when she realized she could feel her hand on her wing. Wings. She had wings now, when did that happen?

“It's okay, Elizabeth,” she said aloud, crossing her arms over her chest, trying to calm down and warm herself a little. “It's... probably not this wet in heaven.” She sniffled from the chill of being soaked head to foot, and took in her surroundings while trying not to wonder if she had in fact killed herself and Booker by opening that tear. It had led somewhere significant, somewhere foreign and different where madness was king. She had thought she'd seen a sea, but perhaps it was this lake. Perhaps she was in a different place where madness was king...

Booker!” she called again, almost desperate. Biting back tears and a lump in her throat, she looked around the lake once more. She had lived alone for years. And in the first scrap of quiet she'd heard in a long time, she couldn't find comfort standing by herself.

Shivering, Elizabeth looked around for any movement and saw a patch of royal blue on the ground. Her dress, folded neatly with a thin book. Who did that...?


[The audio starts up, unexpectedly, but Elizabeth seems to know how this is supposed to work. It's like a Voxophone, right? Only it's somehow transmitted everywhere.]

Can anyone hear this? I don't know what day it is, or where I'm supposed to be. Booker? There's a, uh, lake here, and some trees. [She sighs, her voice wavering.] I'm freezing out here, and if you're running around sticking your head in trashcans I'm going to be really mad!

((Catch her walking through the forest or into the village! She has her journal open too, and will be 'Voxophoning' actively.))


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